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They Call Me GoPro Dave

It all started on a Friday night in the basement of a restaurant in Golden Lake. The Renfrew County ATV Club was holding their annual general meeting, and since I was a club member in good standing, I figured I should show up and see if there was anything fun I could help out with. I was a few minutes late so I quietly found a seat near the back and listened to the presentation put on by the board members. There was some discussion about the finances (which were in a sad state of affairs), talk about open board positions, and a quick presentation about the new website a contractor had been working on since their old site had been hacked and corrupted. Everything was going just fine until a disgruntled member of the audience stood up...

Entertainment at last!
Well nothing too crazy. Some people just have a hard time coming to grips with the $150 price tag on a trail pass. After the yelling stopped and the fellow stormed out of the meeting, the board finished their presentation and called…

The First One

Thanks for stopping in, and welcome to my new blog! I'll be using this blog as a space to share my thoughts, adventures, photos, and videos! I'm passionate about ATVing so a lot of the content will center around my ATV trips. However, I have a wide range of interests so I'll sneak in some of my metal fabrication, nature photography, and maybe dive into some of the things that keep me up at night. 

Before we go much further, one thing you should know is that I don't take anything too seriously, and I enjoy a lot of humour at my own expense ;)

I've been fascinated with mechanical things for as far back as I can remember; seems to be built into my DNA. As a Christmas present, my grandparents purchased a small 3hp go-cart when I was around 12 years old. Looking back, that seems to be the genesis for my modern day love of power sports. Many hours of my youth were spent with this go-cart. To the horror of my father, I would regularly disassemble the engine and drivetrain j…